The issue of child relocation was traditionally arisen in the context of disputes involving children born to parents of two different nationalities.

Where such relationships break down, there are often instances where one parent wishes to return to their country of origin and to take their children with them.

Such cases often involve very legitimate reasons for a parent seeking to relocate and equally legitimate concerns of the parent who is concerned about a loss of relationship with their children should relocation to a different country occur.  As such these cases invariably involve very practical, but hugely emotive, issues for all involved.

In more recent years the Courts have also increasingly viewed parents moving within Ireland as akin to a relocation to a different country.  In practical terms, a child moving from, for example, Dublin to Kerry may just be as impactful on the relationship with the parent remaining in Dublin, as a move from Dublin to London or Paris.

All such cases are very much viewed in the context of the specific circumstances of the parents and the children.  As such they require specialist advices in the event of any potential dispute around a possible relocation.

We can advise on all issues relating to child relocation including advising on preventative measures where there may be a concern about a child relocation without parental consent.