Transparency in our Legal Fees

Legal costs, or Legal Fees are naturally a hugely significant and concerning issue for clients when considering how to resolve any legal issue or dispute.  That is particularly so in more complex and unpredictable areas such as family law.  Donagh McGowan Solicitors are acutely aware of these concerns and we seek to address them at the outset with clear, transparent and also practical advices on costs & legal fees.

This is achieved by advising clients at the earliest opportunity of our legal fees and fees structure.  This will include advising on estimated set or fixed fees, where appropriate.  Where it is not possible to advise on a fixed fee, our approach is to:

  • advise on an estimate of legal fees within certain ranges, based upon our long experience on behalf of other clients;
  • agree an hourly rate for the charging of legal fees;
  • provide routine updates to the client on estimated costs incurred to date, based upon time incurred in the case;
  • provide a detailed breakdown to the client of that work undertaken
  • if issues arise in a case which may impact on any initial estimate of overall cost, to advise the client at the earliest opportunity and to consider whats to mitigate any such possible increase.

In addition, we advise clients on practical ways in which cost can be minimised including:

  • use of mediation and other services designed to maximise the potential for the agreed resolution of potential disputes.
  • assisting and advising the client as to work which the client can undertake to advance the case, thereby reducing legal time and input.

The ultimate goal of Donagh McGowan Solicitors is provide the highest quality legal service at a cost level which is both competitive to other providers and transparent to the client.

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